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What is your fitness resolution for 2012?

by Mario Castrejon on December 27, 2011

The year is almost over and it is time to make your list of New Year’s resolutions. This is also the time to reflect on all your accomplishments, for this year and plan to make next year even better than this year. I want to congratulate you on all your accomplishments this year and wish you the best for 2012.

Getting in great shape is one of the most popular resolutions, but most people who go on a diet or join a gym fail in keeping their resolutions past the first month. The reason why people fail at keeping up with their diet is because diets don’t work. If you go on a diet, that means that eventually you will need to get off it. Instead, make a lifestyle change and eat something that you can keep up with for the rest of your life. Don’t make too many drastic changes regarding your eating habits; instead, make simple changes that will have a huge impact over time.

Most people who join a gym usually fail in keeping up with their resolutions. Their excitement fades away quickly, and they get stuck with a monthly contract. Life seems to get in the way, and the excuses start to come out as why they can’t attend the gym anymore. The main problem with joining a gym is that it will not offer you accountability, support and nutrition advice. At the gym you are all on your own and nobody really cares if you workout or not. The less you go to a gym, the better it is for the owners because that way it seems more attractive for new members. Nobody likes to go to a crowded gym and have to wait to use the equipment.

You can hire a personal trainer to keep you motivated and accountable, but that will be very expensive. A nutritionist could teach and show you what to eat; however, that will also be very expensive too. Another, option is for you to look for all the information on your own and hopefully things work for you. This is why most people fail at getting fit and come December 2012 they will be at the same spot where they are now making the same resolution once again.

There’s no need for you to go through all of that in 2012. I want you to have success with your fitness resolutions. If your goal is to loose weight, gain muscle or run a Marathon, I can help you. This year do something different and take The Beachbody Challenge to really commit to getting fit.

Make 2012 your best fitness year ever!


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