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Push Yourself UP!

by Mario Castrejon on October 30, 2013

The push-up is one of the best exercises that you can do. They have so many great benefits, and they work so many muscles at the same time. There are a ton of different variations of the push-up you can do. You will never get bored with this exercise and you can always keep progressing to become better.

Push-ups can be performed anywhere you want so it makes it easier to stay consistent at doing them. You can do them in your house, at the gym, at the park, etc, etc. Also you don’t need any equipment and the floor is always free. So all excuses are eliminated with the this exercise.

Different methods of training:

  1. Endurance strength: performing push-ups for max reps and with no external weight added.
  2. Explosive strength: performing clapping push-ups or any other kind of plyometric push-ups
  3. Maximum strength: performing push-ups with no external weight added. You can add a weighted vest, put any kind of heavy object on your back, or have someone push you down while you try to push yourself up.

If you want to keep getting stronger, then you need to keep progressing. Once you can do a solid number of repetitions with good form, then it’s time to progress to a more difficult variation. There are a ton of different variations to keep you progressing for the rest of your life and that what makes the push-up one of the best exercises. Here are some classic variations that you can do:

  1. Standard
  2. Wide
  3. Military
  4. Incline
  5. Diamond
  6. Dive Bomber
  7. Pike
  8. One Arm Balance
  9. Prison Cell
  10. Slow Motion
  11. Tiger
  12. Clapping
  13. One arm
  14. Handstand push-up

Muscles worked while doing push-ups:

What if I can’t do push-ups?

Push-ups take a lot of hard to be able to do them, but they are totally worth it. Keep working hard and with time you will be able to do them.

Here are some variations you can start with in order to help you perform a standard push-up. The idea behind these variations is to slowly lower the angle of the exercise until you become strong to be able to perform standard push-ups.

Variations to help you perform your first push-up: 

  1. Wall push ups
  2. High angle push-ups
  3. Low angle push-ups
  4. Knee push-ups

If you follow these 4 variations, with time, hard work, and consistency you will be able to perform your first push-up.

6 Week push-ups program

The ultimate goal of this program is designed to help you perform 100 push-ups in a row. You can also follow this program if you just want to increase your current push-ups numbers, or to help you perform your first push-up ever.

Rules 1-2 days before starting the program:

  1. Perform an initial test consisting of 1 set of the maximum amount of push-ups you can do
  2. The number of push-ups you did on your initial test will determine your starting level

Rules during the challenge:

  1. Perform all reps with good proper form
  2. Rest 1 to 2 minutes in between sets
  3. Perform the reps on the column in your level depending your test results
  4. Take a weekly progress test
  5. Repeat the whole week in case you can’t complete the listed reps, or simple move 1 level down on the chart
  6. After you complete week 6, wait 2 days to take your final progress test so you can be fresh and do your best

How to determine your starting point?

  • Example 1: You completed 3 reps in your initial test, so you will start on week 1 level 1
  • Example 2: You completed 15 reps in your initial test, so you will start on week 1 level 3
  • Example 3: You completed 30 reps in your initial test, so you will start on week 3 level 3
  • Example 4: You completed 60 reps in your initial test, so you will start on week 6 level 3

Note: If you can’t do push-ups yet, then follow this program by doing wall push-ups, high angle push-ups, low angle push-ups, or knee push-ups instead. If you follow those variations, at the end of the program you should be able to perform standard push-ups.

100 Push-ups program:

 Make sure to contact me if you have any questions and keep me posted on your progress.

Your Friend & Coach
Mario Castrejon


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