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6 Benefits of Having a Workout Partner

by Mario Castrejon on August 6, 2012

Having a workout partner that works at the same level that you do or better can have a great impact on your workout results. You want to make sure that your workout partner has similar goals as you do. Your workout partner must be punctual and have a great positive attitude. If you are both doing the same routine you will be able to push each other to get better results. If you are doing P90x, you can always do it at the gym. Before you agree to becoming partners you must first talk about your fitness goals and come up with a routine that will help you both to reach them. Six benefits of having a workout partner are:

1. They keep you accountable.

If you have a workout partner and you schedule your workout time, then you know that you can’t break that commitment. If you know you got a 7am early morning workout, that means you can’t be up till 2am-3am.

2. They provide motivation.

If you are struggling with doing those last 2-3 reps in a particular exercise, your workout partner can provide some motivation to help you complete those reps. Some days you may not be feeling your very best, but your  workout partner can give you the extra push to get a great workout in.

3. They provide competition.

If you are a competitive person, then you are going to work extra hard to keep up with your workout partner. You will help each other improve and get better and better.

4. They increase your exercise arsenal.

Your workout partner can give you workout and nutrition tips. Those tips can really have a great impact on your results. Also your workout partner can show you some different exercises that you never tried before.

5. They serve as spotters.

If you are lifting heavy weights, then it’s always a good idea to have your workout partner spot you so that you are safe. This can also help you get stronger and break any plateaus that you have reached.

6. They make things fun.

Having a workout partner makes thing a lot more fun. You can share a laugh and keep things fun. Just make sure you don’t make it too fun and waste time talking. Always keep the intensity up.

If you workout out at the gym and are looking for a workout partner, then just look around. See who workouts at the same time you do and see if they are someone you would like to workout with. Make small talk and introduce yourself.

If you workout at home, then join an online group so they can keep you motivated and accountable. You can meet really cool people and make long lasting friendships.

If you are serious & ready to change your life, contact me because I’m ready to help you!

Mario Castrejon
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