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My P90X2 Yoga Review

by Mario Castrejon on January 6, 2012

Today was day 4 of my first round of P90X2. Today was X2 Yoga day and here’s my review:
First of all the P90X2 Yoga is only 67 minutes long versus 92 minutes in the original P90X. I really like the fact that it was shorter because this way it’s a lot easier to do. I know some people complained that P90X Yoga was too long and now that’s not a problem at all anymore.

I really liked the sun salutation B sequence because it’s fast paced. It incorporates the chair pose, which is one of my favorite poses. I like doing all the pushups in between and at the end of that sequence I already had a good sweat going.

The second sequence consists of crescent pose, warrior 3 pose, half moon, reverse half moon, standing split, crunch raises, squat prayer, and crane. This sequence is very challenging and even though I had some trouble in it, I really liked it because I like the challenge. Crane is a pose that I still need to conquer, but I just do my best all the time. I know that with more practice I will be able to properly do crane.

The third sequence consists of warrior 2 lunge, triangle pose, reverse warrior, bound warrior, runner’s lunge, and single hamstring stretch. At the end of this sequence my legs were on fire. Holding these poses can be very challenging and I love the burning feeling in my legs. With more practice I know this will get somewhat easier.

The fourth sequence works the abs and I really liked all the moves. I could really feel my abs working on these moves. From then, the last part of the dvd consists of some great stretches that make your body feel great after you are done.

In conclusion, I really liked this workout because it is fast paced, challenging and I feel great after I’m done. I know that Yoga is a great way to prevent injuries, increase range of motion, it helps the body recuperate from hard workouts, and it will also help me become a better runner as well. I highly recommend you try P90X2 Yoga and I would like to hear know what you think of it.


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