Coach Mario C


My name is Mario Castrejon and I am happily married to my beautiful wife Yasira. We don’t have any kids at this time, but we got two amazing quacker parrots. Their names are Hercules and Melina and they are a lot of fun to have around. They talk and fly around the house, they are a big part of our family.

I am very passionate about fitness, nutrition and about helping other people. Before I started P90X for the first time, my passion was dancing. I love dancing salsa and all latin styles like cumbia, merengue, bachata, and cha cha cha. I used to dance 3-4 times per week and take all kinds of salsa classes. I used to practice 3 times per week and learn all kinds of cool combinations. I was also a member of couple dance companies in Chicago. In fact, it was because of salsa that I met my beautiful wife.

Some of my hobbies include playing chess, basketball, tennis, and watching sports. My favorite sport to watch is basketball, but I also enjoy all other sports. I’m also a volunteer tutor for middle and high school students.

Now that you got to know me a little better, I will share my fitness journey with you:

My Fitness Journey:

I have always been thin in my entire life. When I graduated high school, I was 6’1″ and weighed 120 lbs. I was never in any sport teams, but I always liked to play basketball and tennis just for fun. When I was in my late 20’s I started working out, but I really didn’t know what to do. I was completely new to eating right and working out. I decided to join a gym, but I was never consistent at working out or eating right. As I got older my metabolism slowed down and I was weighing 190 lbs. I didn’t like how I looked or how I felt and it was time for a change. I decided to get serious, and I began working with a personal trainer. He helped me out for the time I worked with him, but it was expensive and I knew I had to find something else.

On September of 2007 I found out about P90X, and I immediately ordered it. I was very excited to do it and learn more about nutrition. Right away I noticed the difference between P90X and the gym. With P90X I had a lot of peer support, and I was able to make a lot of friends on the message boards. I completed my first round of P90X and, I was very happy with my results.

After completing my first round I started another round right away. P90X opened my eyes to a whole new world of fitness. Now, I am always looking for more fitness challenges. I have also completed P90X+, P90X2, Insanity, and Insanity the Asylum.

In 2010 I started running and I completed my first 5K race. From then I also ran8K, 15K, and 10-mile races. The reason why I took up running was because I was looking for a challenge and running a Marathon had been on my fitness bucket list. Just the thought of running 26.2 miles was really scary for me, but that was what made me even want to do it in the first place. So in 2011 I was able to complete the Chicago Marathon.

Currently I am in training for the Warrior Dash coming up on August 17th just 2 days after my 35th birthday. I am getting ready for my race by mainly doing Insanity the Asylum and P90X, I will also include one day that can consist of one of the following choices: Focus T25, stairs climb, or running sprints.

Fitness has become my passion and lifestyle. I love helping and motivating people get in great shape by eating healthy and working out.

If you are serious & ready to change your life, contact me because I’m ready to help you!

Mario Castrejon
Team Beachbody Coach